Own the tactical edge

DFL Technology develops tactical mobile software with AI on the edge to empower front line operators who work in complex and comms-degraded environments.

DFL Labs

We're developing and integrating cutting-edge mobile technology with AI to solve problems unique to the modern battlefield.

Identifi: Mobile, multimodal biometric application to collect and match against an on-device watchlist, with support for facial recognition and contactless fingerprinting using the mobile device camera and additional biometrics collection via a custom hardware attachment.


TeamLINK: Turn any tactical mobile device into a peer-to-peer TAK server for more efficient and resilient data dissemination.


TeamINT: full-spectrum tactical intel collection on a single mobile platform for standardized, digital reporting on people, places, and things.


DFL Development Services

We specialize in building custom applications for Government customers and companies looking to connect their solutions to the tactical mobile ecosystem.

Tactical Mobile Software Development: DFL Technology personnel have been designing and delivering tactical mobile solutions for over a decade.

  • Warfighter-driven system and UI/UX design
  • Rapid delivery with modern agile development processes
  • Integration of best-in-class commercial dual-use technologies

ATAK Plugin and TAK Development: We  develop ATAK plugins and TAK-interoperable software to connect your capability to the rapidly growing TAK ecosystem.

  • Tak.gov authorized developer
  • Integrate existing hardware and software applications with ATAK, with or without a plugin

About Us

DFL Technology is a veteran-owned small business founded by Marine Corps veterans and software developers passionate about providing superior software to warfighters on the edge.

DFL has built tactical mobile applications and ATAK plug-ins for intelligence collection, biometric operations, and target acquisition under contracts in support of USSOCOM. DFL personnel have expertise shipping AI, mobile, and TAK technologies.


DFL Technology Delivers Multimodal Biometric System to SOFWERX

October 13, 2022

We are proud to deliver our mobile multimodal biometric system, Identifi, to the great team at SOFWERX. SOFWERX is making good on their commitment to be a platform to help solve challenging Warfighter problems at scale through collaboration, ideation, events, and rapid prototyping.

DFL Technology Demonstrates Identifi at Trident Spectre 2022

July 26, 2022

DFL Technology was one of 71 companies selected from over 380 applicants to present its solution for AI at the edge. Identifi demonstrated how an Android software application for tactical end user devices could perform rapid and accurate identity operations in real-world scenarios without the need for a data connection.

DFL Technology Downselected for SOFWERX Special Reconnaissance Virtual Assessment

July 30, 2021

DFL Technology was down-selected from over 70 applicants to present its solution for mobile, comms-denied biometrics on the edge, featuring our best-in-class facial recognition software, at a SOFWERX Virtual Assessment Event on behalf of PEO Special Reconnaissance.

DFL Technology Selected to Participate in RRTO Global Solutions Meeting

July 1, 2021

DFL Technology is selected to present at the DoD's Rapid Reaction Technology Office's (RRTO) Global Solutions Meeting in September, 2021. RRTO is looking for highly innovative technologies that have the potential to provide leap-ahead capabilities against near-peer adversaries and fill gaps in critical joint mission needs no later than 2028.

DFL Technology Co-Founder Jim Carlson Featured in Wired Magazine

Sept 16, 2011